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• Production of short form documentary (20minutes) “freedom2dance”—brief overview of cabaret laws
• Collaboration with Norman Siegel, Paul Chevigny and Avram Turkel (all attorneys) to structure a petition with the end goal of “Removing 7 Words” from the City Code to effectively derugulate dancing. 
• Launch of the Petition on Change.Org
• Paper petition drives at freedom2dance screenings


• Advocacy strategy developed (stakeholder analysis, policy analysis, etc.)
• Advocacy aims and objectives established
• Plan of action developed
• Further petition drive (1000 signatures achieve 9/30/12)
• Further research and analysis
• Freedom of Information Law Request to DCA (9/4/12 Report: 135 License, down 33% from 2008)
• Launch LegalizeDance.Org complete with Cabaret Video, Petition, Press & Resources, Timeline & Blog

• Build Alliances

• Gathering of Amicus Briefs for Andrew Muchmore's Federal case against City of New York
• Analysis of the adverse effects of the Cabaret Laws on the declining number of dance venues
• Search for Celebrity Spokesperson(s)
• Dialogue with decision-makers and other key stakeholders begins
• Build relationships with key stakeholders
• Social Media Campaign Launch

• Collaborate with probono law firms to gather amicus briefs to support Andrew Muchmore's Federal case
• Publications, media work, meetings to raise awareness
• Presentation to Community Boards (test in Queens with CB1)
• More research with ULURP zoning process & other to provide evidence policy makers may require
• Lobbying of key influencers  (Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio)
• Lobbying of decision-makers (City Council Members)

• Issue is part of public agenda for debate
• Lobbying continues
• More communications work and campaigning to highlight the issue

• Muchmore federal case judge accepts amicus briefs from dancers 
• Major stakeholder seminar convened
• Decision makers begin to change their opinions
• More research carried out regarding the issue and potential solutions
• Draft policies produced


• New policies agreed to
• New policies resourced and implemented

• Introduction to NYC Nightlife Taskforce Bill

• April - May: Creation of Campaign
• June: City Council Consumer Affairs Hearing  on Taskforce Bill and Cabaret Law Oversite

• June: Introduction of Bill 1652-A to fully repeal Cabaret Law

• August - Current: LetNYCDance.Com Campaign to lobby individual Council Members (24 co-signers to date)

• September: Hearing on bill 1652-A to repeal Cabaret Law

• October: Negotiations with NYC regarding the definition of Nightlife Establishment

• October 31, 2017: Vote & Passing of Bill 1652-A partial repeal of Cabaret Law


• Support Dance Parade's "Cabaret of Life" celebration of repeal of administrative code

• Continue campaign to petition City Council to amend zoning laws

2019 - 2020

• Support Office of Nightlife in their efforts to support nightlife



• Rebuild coalition to finally repeal Cabaret law in its entirety by gathering stakeholders

• Create campaign to finally "Let New York Dance" backed by City Council Members

Keith Powers and Mark Levine and Borrough President and Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams

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